Customer Story
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Werner Electric Supply Streamlines Order Cycle Time, Re-Invests Resources to Improve Customer Experience

Automation Outcomes

  • Reach an average time savings of approximately 6,263 hours per year

  • Re-invest staff resources to develop outstanding customer relationships

  • Process approximately 20% of sales revenue through Conexiom

  • Improve order cycle time and reduce errors

Werner Electric Supply boasts a wide inventory of more than 24,000 different SKUs and strives to go above and beyond to serve the needs of their customers in 13 locations and counting.

Werner Electric Supply chose Conexiom to help them in their relentless pursuit of delivering exceptional customer experience.

The Challenge

Werner Electric was eager to start rolling out Conexiom to a wider group of trading partners, but didn’t have the time to determine which would be most suitable. Compounding the problem is Werner’s numerous branch locations and customer service teams. The biggest productivity gains are found with automating the orders of customers that have a high order frequency with numerous order lines.

The Solution

Conexiom Sales Order Analytics analyzed three months of data for 60 Customer Service Representatives in a week.

What They Say
“CSRs are able to concentrate on things that add value for our customers. The end of the day “spike” of e-mailed orders is also a lot easier to deal with in many cases as Conexiom’s order processing time is light years faster than what we are able to do manually.”
Mike Jirikowic, Continuous Improvement Leader, Werner Electric Supply