Customer Story
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Werner Electric Ventures transforms the inside sales team

Automation Outcomes

  • Increased order accuracy from 95% to 100%

  • Improved order cycle time and reduced errors and returns

  • Empowered sales staff to deliver added value to customers

As order volume increased, Werner Electric needed to implement a solution without unnecessarily adding staff.

The Challenge

Werner Electric is a distributor of electrical, automation and lighting services and solutions. They serve the industrial, contractor, commercial, OEM and SI markets. Werner Electric was growing and the volume of orders was increasing. They wanted to be more scalable, without unnecessarily adding staff.

The Solution

After reviewing the success their parent company had experienced with Conexiom, the benefits were immediately obvious to the Werner Electric leadership team. Conexiom delivered 100% accuracy in processing sales orders by the Inside Sales team. Some orders could take hours to input and were several pages long. Inside Sales staff now have more time in their day and can add value to the company as employees are not spending so much of their time keying in customer orders.

What they say
“95% accuracy manually keying orders went to 100% with Conexiom. Frustration from a customer standpoint was alleviated.”
Gerry Thomas, Director of Finance, Werner Electric