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How the AP Team at Woodhill Supply Avoids Overpaying with Conexiom

 “Our AP person can spend a lot more time digging into issues that ultimately saves the company money because she can track down any inconsistencies within invoices, work with our receiving group to be able to pinpoint anything that may have been back ordered that wasn’t necessarily labeled as back ordered on invoices, and find a lot more time to make sure that we aren’t paying more than we need to at that time.” Josh Laston, Controller, Woodhill Supply

To compete with larger competitors, Woodhill Supply, a one-stop wholesaler for pipe, valve, fitting, plumbing, HVAC/R, and tool needs, partnered with Conexiom to automate the entry of their AP invoices. They were not only able to get a mass of data uploaded into Epicor Eclipse with little to no effort required but also freed up their accounts payable team to focus on value-added tasks