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How Ellen Lighting Improved Order Turnaround Times with Process Automation

Webinar Overview

After 8 years of exponential growth, manual order entry was not allowing for an expedited, streamlined process. In a highly competitive industry, time is of the essence, so Ellen Lighting sought a process improvement to achieve a rapid turnaround time, allowing them to begin their delivery process the moment a customer places an order.

ellen-lighting-speakers-1Hear from Cecelia Renteria, Single Family Division Manager, and Jamie Frontiera, International Product and Logistics Manager at Ellen Lighting who will discuss their solution to improving order fulfillment as well as eliminating errors. Attendees will learn how Ellen Lighting has been able to:

  • Eliminate errors that each previously cost $250 to rectify
  • Automate 60% of order volume
  • Free up their staff to focus on keeping accounts clean, taking on additional business, and working on high-value projects