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How ExxonMobil Leveraged Conexiom and Celonis to Address Their Order Management Challenges

Corey Alemand, Digital Transformation Manager at ExxonMobil, Ray Grady, President & CEO at Conexiom, and Alexander Rinke, Co-CEO/Co-Founder at Celonis discuss how ExxonMobil used Celonis and Conexiom simultaneously, leading to a partnership between the platforms.

ExxonMobil previously tried to create a homegrown solution to automate sales order entry from emails, but were unable to create a global, scalable solution, like Conexiom. Once deciding to partner with Conexiom, they implemented the technical solution and took their first order in an unheard of 80 days.

Then, they created a Celonis dashboard which analyzed customers and order types that would be the best fit for The Conexiom Platform. ExxonMobil can now see the end-to-end process, from when an order comes into Conexiom straight through to order processing. After 16 months with Conexiom in operation, ExxonMobil is placing orders at a rate of 72,000+ per year.