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How Touchless Order Automation Enables IMI's Digital Growth Initiatives



Watch our inaugural Breakfast Briefing, featuring IMI Norgren's Ciaran Crowley, Global Digital Sales and Marketing Director

When IMI's Growth Hub – an internal initiative to drive market-led innovation by identifying, developing, testing and delivering digital solutions to customers' most complex problems – set its sights on improving the aftermarket customer experience for their industrial automation clients, they uncovered an opportunity to improve the wider buying process. Through interviews with customers, members of the Growth Hub learned that different buyers had distinctly different expectations for the customer experience. Some were happy with a self-service model while others viewed ordering through an ecommerce site as a "double entry" or expected to make order updates without involving an IMI representative. This was the problem facing Ciaran Crowley, global digital sales and marketing director, when he first heard about Conexiom. Realizing order automation would help IMI deliver an exceptional customer experience that scaled with the size and expectations of their customers, they set a "big, hairy, audacious goal" of automating 80% of their orders and went to work. It's hard if not impossible for customer-facing teams to find time to think strategically and proactively about customer problems if they spend hours manually entering orders. According to Crowley, differentiation in IMI's market "comes from customer intimacy...really understanding the customer, their products, and what they're trying to provide to their customers." Sales order automation enables IMI's teams to reinvest time that would've been spent entering orders in developing relationships with customers. Register for this Breakfast Briefing to learn:

  • How IMI's Growth Hub identifies the most valuable problems to solve
  • The role of digital transformation in quickly scaling and providing differentiated levels of service to the market
  • Approaches to innovation that avoid overwhelming your organization