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Live Demo: Automate Your Sales Order Intake



Webinar Overview

Economic headwinds, staffing challenges, and unpredictable supply chains in your business operations have created a mandate for operational excellence in today’s business landscape. Providing seamless experiences for customers and suppliers while increasing your ability to pivot and react faster to challenges is vital to your business’ success.

Conexiom’s Sales Order Automation solution is unlocking millions of dollars in time and error reduction by eliminating the need for manual sales order entry.

Our team hosted a live demo of our Sales Order Automation solutions - watch now on-demand.

You’ll get a look at how SOA enables your business to:

  • Create resilient sales operations that scale
  • Cut costs while improving performance
  • Extract data with 100% accuracy applying your business rules and logic
  • ​​​​Ensure your company is easy to do business with
  • Protect and grow revenue by focusing CSRs on higher value activities