New Report: 3 Best Order Management Software of 2023

More than just a digital tool, Order Management Software is the unsung hero behind many thriving businesses, simplifying the complex and paving the way for operational excellence. This article uncovers the magic behind order management software and its pivotal role in modern commerce.

Conexiom is proud to have been included in Bordio’s recent report that discusses the benefits of modern order processing and management. The Conexiom Platform is a specialized solution that converts emailed Quote-to-Cash documents such as sales orders and invoices into an EDI-like experience to increase profits, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction — all without customers having to change how they submit documents or invest in complex EDI integrations.

Bordio’s “3 Best Order Management Software of 2023″ discusses the importance of order management software (OMS) in modern commerce. It highlights three leading OMS solutions: Conexiom, IBM Sterling Order Management, and Brightpearl.

Conexiom is a cloud-based platform that automates the processing of emailed sales orders, invoices, and other documents. Conexiom abstracts the labor-intensive task of extracting data from emailed documents and processes it through a sophisticated validation engine to align data perfectly to ERP systems so order management solutions always have real-time and accurate order data.

IBM Sterling Order Management is praised for its integration of omnichannel strategies, real-time inventory tracking, efficient logistics and shipping management, AI-powered insights, and rapid ship-from-store deployment.

Brightpearl is described as a comprehensive Retail Operating System that automates operations, offers advanced inventory tools, and provides extensive integrations with platforms like TikTok and Instagram. It boasts a high implementation success rate and round-the-clock expert support.

The report also provides guidance on choosing the ideal OMS, emphasizing factors such as fit to business size, user-friendliness, integration capabilities, real-time inventory updates, customer support, mobile accessibility, and budget considerations.

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