Celebrating Underrepresented Genders in Tech: Conexiom Sponsors cmd-f 2023

Conexiom was a sponsor of cmd-f, a hackathon in Western Canada that focused on celebrating underrepresented genders in tech. The event aimed at creating a safe and inclusive environment for participants to collaborate, build new skills, and explore career opportunities in the tech industry.

Conexiom was thrilled to be a sponsor of cmd-f, the largest hackathon in Western Canada that celebrates underrepresented genders in tech and took place on March 11th and 12th. The event was designed to create a safe space for individuals facing gender inequality to build and collaborate. In honor of International Women’s Day, cmd-f 2023 was open to people who identify as an underrepresented gender in the tech industry, and allies who wished to support.

At cmd-f 2023, participants had the opportunity to develop new skills, explore career opportunities, and build a supportive community in tech. Conexiom was proud to send engineers and developers to judge the submissions at this year’s event held at the Robert H. Lee Alumni Center at the University of British Columbia. Among the projects were the winner Chow Now, a food order app for domestic abuse victims to discretely text 911, and second place winner ZenZone 3D, where users can transform negative messages into positive ones. The participants produced working prototypes within the 23 hrs allotted for the hackathon – an impressive feat!

“I’d like to express my immense gratitude and appreciation for the incredible hackathon event as a mentor. I was amazed to witness all the enthusiastic hackers with a strong drive to develop a project in such a short time frame. Moreover, the organization and implementation of the event were exceptional, and I was particularly impressed by the variety of challenges presented to the participants.” Eric Leung, Software Engineer with Conexiom.

The event was a great way to connect with like-minded people passionate about technology and facing gender inequality. Conexiom is already looking forward to participating in next year’s cmd-f!