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How Conexiom Transforms Complex Documents into 100% Accurate Touchless Transactions

The #1 question we are asked at Conexiom is “How can you automate trade documents with 100% accuracy?”. To many, it seems impossible. Hearing that Conexiom delivers 100% data accuracy may be a see-it-to-believe-it statement, but we’ve spent nearly two decades perfecting our purpose-built platform to deliver this result to customers around the globe. 


Our Mission: Your Business Outcomes 

Our mission is to eliminate the manual processing of business-critical transactions between sellers and buyers. Conexiom provides you with unparalleled operational efficiencies that reduce costs and errors so you can focus on elevating the customer experience. 

We do this by transforming emailed documents, such as customer POsRFQs, and invoices, into structured data to create 100% accurate, touchless transactions that are verified against the receiver’s business rules and systems and then seamlessly delivered into the ERP system or another system of record. 

Conexiom automates manual processes into touchless transactions in “machine time,” where the only human intervention required is reviewing exceptions that challenge established business rules. Typically, exceptions occur in less than 20% of documents once the machine learning (ML) has a data-transaction history of 90 days. 

The Conexiom user interface (UI) is presented through a web-based application, is platform agnostic, and can be tightly integrated into common workflow applications. 

The Conexiom UI integrates with Salesforce and is available to other workflow applications via a series of API and web-service interfaces. 


Our Process: How Conexiom Works 

OK, we’re not going to give away any proprietary information, so this conversation is simplified so any non-techie can understand how we accomplish what other automation platforms can’t: 100% data accuracy. 

When a trade document arrives via email, Conexiom goes to work to create touchless transactions by undergoing a 4-step process that takes under 2 minutes. 


Step 1: Capture Data 

Conexiom’s purpose-built technology extracts data from unstructured emailed trade documents with 100% accuracy. This includes the type of data, actual character data, and other contextual information required for each transaction. 


Step 2: Validate Data 

Extracted data is fed into Conexiom’s ML models to build document profiles that classify specific data elements. For example, it identifies items such as a price versus street number, dates, quantity, and line numbers.  

Our ML models are based on 20 years of transforming trade documents through the Conexiom platform, representing more than 50,000 trading partners unique formats and business rules across millions of orders and more than $100B in transaction value. 


Conexiom’s ability to analyze sets of documents for a specific trading partner with quality checks and regression testing in iterative fashion allows the automation to test and build a document profile for each document. This is especially important because of the high degree of variability in document types between senders and within a senders “standard” document format. 


Step 3: Enrich Data 

The document profile is integrated with the complex business logic required to create a touchless transaction. The business logic includes the ability to use ML to enrich data that does not exist on the original document. It also includes the ability to perform casespecific “if-then” actions, such as, “if A, do B, but if B, do C. 

Conexiom is most powerful when integrated with current systems to allow access to information not provided on the inbound document. The data provided in these automated lookups allow for the verification of the inbound document data, such as “is this a valid part number or unit of measure?”  

Additionally, the data lookups allow Conexiom to accommodate higher degrees of complexity within the business logic. The business logic will automate any repeatable changes being made to the data prior to processing the transaction in the system of record. For example, the shipping method may need to be altered depending on the content of the order, or the order may require splitting to fit a delivery schedule. 


Step 4: Delivery 

Conexiom generates the appropriate system files to be automatically delivered into the transactional system responsible for capturing digital document, whether that be an ERP system, CRM, ecommerce, or EDI.  


Receive sales orders via email.
Extract information with 100% accuracy.
Apply business rules & lookups to order.
Create order in your system of record.

Receive sales orders via email.

Extract information with 100% accuracy.

Apply business rules & lookups to order.

Create order in your system of record.


To see Conexiom in action, request a demonstration that’s specific to your business. 

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