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Make Every Sales Order a Digital Order: Digitize What You’ve Got by Thinking Outside the eCommerce Storefront

When you think of digital orders, do you think of eCommerce? Most people do. And that’s right… but not exactly.

Clicking Add to Cart and completing the checkout process is most certainly a digital order, but in the manufacturing industry, how a customer buys from you can be quite complex and complicated.


COVID-19 Created a Mandate for Digital Investment and More Digital Orders

Responding to COVID-19’s disruption of traditional business transactions, manufacturing CEOs are now mandating an increase in digital orders.

Typically, this mandate is interpreted as delivering or maintaining an extensive eCommerce site, but with customers still buying in more traditional ways, this approach fails to consider at least half of your client base.

49.3% of B2B sales still take place through traditional channels, such as phone, email, and fax.

The 2019 U.S. B2B eCommerce Market Report, Digital Commerce 360


Why Manufacturers Lack Digital Orders

Customers buy products in the way that’s most convenient for them. Some purchase through eCommerce sites, some order through EDI, even fax, and—the #1 ordering method—email.

The collective majority of customers have their own business processes in place that may make email an optimal way to distribute POs.

For example, most ERP systems have a built-in “download and email” function that directly connects with email clients. This convenient feature is why customers tend to favor emailed orders over eCommerce websites.

Digital Commerce Is More than eCommerce

Instead of trying to force your customers to the latest eCommerce rollout, meet them where they’re at.

Sales order automation is a low-risk, high-probability approach to gain more digital orders. When sales orders flow through Conexiom, they’re just as digital as if they had come directly from your eCommerce website.

“Conexiom offers a clear path to digital-order success with a high volume of orders, while eliminating the need to force customers to order via an eCommerce site.”

Ray Grady, President & CEO, Conexiom


Conexiom delivers sales order automation software with 100% order accuracy, applying specific business rules and logic so orders are touchless, digital, and processed within minutes.


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