Make Every Sales Order a Digital Order: Digitize What You’ve Got by Thinking Outside the eCommerce Storefront

January 21, 2021

Sales order automation is the fastest path to achieving more digital orders when your customers don’t feel the need to change their buying behavior.

Conexiom Voices: Senior Manager, IT Operations Peter Pacuch Streamlines Processes to Maintain Customer Trust

January 19, 2021

Peter Pacuch discusses the fundamental work behind making Conexiom a reliable solution.

10 Ways Sales Order Automation Solves the Trillion-Dollar Problem of Manual Order Processing

January 13, 2021

Deliver successful outcomes for both your business and customers through sales order automation.

Conexiom Voices: Lead Software Architect Chris Pirvu Guides Conexiom’s “Purpose-Built” Technology

January 7, 2021

Chris Pirvu discusses how he solves customer needs by developing Conexiom’s purpose-built automation technology.

Conexiom Voices: Senior Manager, SaaS Operations Andreas Freyvogel Ensures Conexiom Maintains High Quality of Service

January 5, 2021

Andreas Freyvogel ensures the Conexiom platform maintains a high quality of service that exceeds customer requirements.

Conexiom Voices: Software Developer Paz Gonzalez Provides Behind-the-Scenes Insight into Conexiom’s Base Automation Solution

December 30, 2020

Paz Gonzalez explains Base Automation and how machine learning (ML) works at Conexiom.

4 Predictions That Will Redefine Manufacturing and Distribution in 2021

December 22, 2020

From the only vendor that delivers True Automation comes 4 predictions on what’s redefining the manufacturing and distribution industry in 2021.

Conexiom Voices: Product Manager Paloma Scheck Leads Conexiom’s Apps Within Salesforce

December 18, 2020

Paloma Scheck discusses the two highly useful Conexiom apps within Salesforce.

Conexiom Voices: Product Manager Conor Lees Gives Us Something to Look Forward To—The Partner Portal Release

December 15, 2020

Conor Lees explains why the new release of Partner Portal is kind of a big deal.

Building Business Resilience: 3 Tips to Use Next-Gen Automation to Shield Your Business from Next-Gen Problems

Digitisation is critical to business resiliency, and automation is now a vital part of any organisation’s tech stack.