Multichannel B2B Order Capture: The Right Way to Capture Sales in Commerce

February 26, 2021

From ecommerce strategy to order capture, Conexiom® partnered with Waeg® to discuss the process of successfully capturing sales in B2B commerce.

Fireside Chat with Waeg®: The Right Way to Capture Sales in Commerce

February 24, 2021

Chris Timmerman, managing partner at Waeg®, and Conexiom® CEO Ray Grady discuss sales order automation and B2B commerce strategy.

Conexiom Voices: VP of Implementation and Director of Implementation Discuss Conexiom’s Proven Onboarding Method

February 18, 2021

Vice President of Implementation John Yau, and Director of Implementation Terra Casey explain the onboarding methodology Conexiom uses so customers achieve ROI in 30 days.

Conexiom Voices: Delivering Best-in-Class Service Is Cornerstone of Cosimka Wyda’s Role as Senior Account Manager, Customer Success

February 3, 2021

Cosimka Wyda works closely with customers to ensure they reap significant value from the Conexiom SaaS automation platform.

The Automation Imperative for Manufacturers and Distributors: Eliminate Manual Sales Order and Invoice Processing

January 26, 2021

How manufacturers and distributors use automated processes to transform their operations to provide a superior customer experience.

Make Every Sales Order a Digital Order: Digitize What You’ve Got by Thinking Outside the eCommerce Storefront

January 21, 2021

Sales order automation is the fastest path to achieving more digital orders when your customers don’t feel the need to change their buying behavior.

Conexiom Voices: Senior Manager, IT Operations Peter Pacuch Streamlines Processes to Maintain Customer Trust

January 19, 2021

Peter Pacuch discusses the fundamental work behind making Conexiom a reliable solution.

10 Ways Sales Order Automation Solves the Trillion-Dollar Problem of Manual Order Processing

January 13, 2021

Deliver successful outcomes for both your business and customers through sales order automation.

Conexiom Voices: Lead Software Architect Chris Pirvu Guides Conexiom’s “Purpose-Built” Technology

January 7, 2021

Chris Pirvu discusses how he solves customer needs by developing Conexiom’s purpose-built automation technology.

Conexiom Voices: Senior Manager, SaaS Operations Andreas Freyvogel Ensures Conexiom Maintains High Quality of Service

January 5, 2021

Andreas Freyvogel ensures the Conexiom platform maintains a high quality of service that exceeds customer requirements.