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Being Right Has Never Felt Better

In the busy world of distribution and manufacturing, transactions happen at the speed of light. Customers submit purchase orders around the clock and expect their orders to be fulfilled immediately. Today’s customers not only demand lightening quick speed, but they expect total accuracy as well.

With customer orders coming at you from all angles, it can be tough to efficiently manage the flow of information. Purchase orders received the old fashion way – by fax, email or phone – are cumbersome and labor-intensive. Each line item needs to be manually re-entered by your customer service team before transitioning into a sales order.

With complex orders and high volumes, how can you ensure the highest accuracy rates? After all to err is to be human, isn’t it? So what margin of error is acceptable and how can you meet your customers’ expectations at the same time? Are customes dreaming or is 100% accuracy actually possible?

Well let’s look at it from the customer’s perspective. Suppose you have an impressive error rate of just 1%. Offering 99% data accuracy is impressive, but is it good enough? In this case, it means that your top customer who submits an order with 300 line items receives 3 errors in just one order!

Some errors are no big deal. Maybe it’s as simple as too many of one part, the wrong colour or maybe even a cheaper price than you’re offering. But one keystroke error could also mean the wrong product, not enough parts or maybe even shipped to an incorrect location. These types of errors cause unacceptable delays for your customer and leave them feeling extremely frustrated.

Or perhaps you’ve had the misfortune of experiencing lost orders. When your customer calls for an update on their order and you can’t find it! Maybe it’s lost in the mountain of papers or fallen behind the fax machine, but either way you’re overridden with embarrassment. Now you have to rush the entire order and eat the cost of overnight shipping, not to mention offering a goodwill discount along with your heartfelt apology.

Errors have big consequences. Fixing mistakes is very costly and eats away at your profits. But more importantly they threaten customer loyalty and since you’re in business to serve your customers, that’s too big of a risk. Order processing is the lifeblood of your business and thankfully there is a better way.

By turning to sales order automation with an automated order fulfillment solution you can kiss order entry errors goodbye once and for all. With the right automation solution, you can make 100% order accuracy a reality. Automation automatically captures order data directly from the customer’s purchase order in whatever format they use, which is ideal since it doesn’t impact your customers.

The data is converted directly into a sales order in your existing ERP system without requiring any human intervention. By eliminating the manual re-entry process, you can bypass the opportunity to introduce human errors and it also means you’ll never accidentally misplace an order.

The ideal solution offers intelligent data capture by extracting the actual characters from a customer’s order rather than relying on optical character recognition, which only offers 99% accuracy. Conexiom is an easy to use solution that combines a simple mapping process and sophisticated business logic to deliver 100% data accuracy.

Once set up, it offers total reliability and accuracy. It works well every time with every order and is incredibly responsive to customer changes. Customers enjoy peace of mind knowing their orders are processed instantly and accurately every time, driving customer satisfaction to new heights. So are you ready to say goodbye to frustrating errors and switch to 100% data accuracy? Learn more about Conexiom’s automated order entry software.

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