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Moving Forward: Learning the Value of Sales Order Automation in a Digital-First World

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COVID-19 created a massive—and global—supply-chain disruption that the modern world has never seen. As the economy cautiously re-opens, businesses are starting to come back. But modern businesses know that there is no going back to the way things were. The only direction is forward.

To move forward is to be innovative, faster, and more efficient. To embrace new ways to do business. And to modernize your operations by transforming legacy processes into automated processes.

Automating your sales order management process is a guaranteed way to create better business outcomes while simultaneously delivering more value to your customers.


Create Better Business Outcomes

The pandemic has created an arena where every business is searching to lower costs and maximize the bottom line. Sales order automation is critical to this urgent mandate. This upgrade from legacy processes is becoming imperative in today’s environment for one main reason: Every business is now a digital business.

Yet many companies still hesitate to implement digital transformation.

Conexiom simplifies this seemingly overwhelming task by providing a comprehensive, purpose-built, and proprietary solution where you see results in approximately 30 days. With Conexiom, your business can:

  • Transform manual processes into touchless outcomes with 100% data accuracy
  • Decrease the costs (and errors) associated with manual order processing
  • Execute an efficient order cycle to gain a competitive advantage

The bottom line is that automating the sales order management process is a guaranteed strategy to maximize revenue opportunities while decreasing operational costs and delays caused by human oversight.


Deliver an Unparalleled Customer Experience

It’s not breaking news that manually entering purchase orders consumes human resources that could be re-invested into better initiatives, such as creating and maintaining valuable relationships with customers.

Sales order automation frees your customer service representatives (CSRs) to transition from data-entry tasks to activities that directly impact the customer experience. It’s possible to give your CSR team 2 to 3 hours back in their day to reach out to clients and provide that personal interaction that is now more valuable than ever.

In terms of delivering a superb customer experience, the biggest benefits of Conexiom are that it:

  • Requires absolutely no change in your customers’ behaviors. They continue to order in the way that works best for them.
  • Provides immediate order acknowledgements.
  • Enables goods to go out for delivery in as little as 15 minutes.

With Conexiom, you’ll delight customers and outdo the competition.


Automate Everything That Can Be Automated

The silver lining of any tumultuous time is that it forces businesses to evolve to conquer challenges and reimagine the way business can be done. During the initial COVID outbreak, we saw companies shift to contactless orders and delivery, remote workforces, and digital outreach.

“The organization of the future depends on automation to create massive efficiencies and new capabilities—and has the potential to unleash human capital to pursue more creative, higher-value goals.” – Forrester, December 2019

Traditional processes need to be modernized if your business expects to survive and scale in today’s digital-first, omnichannel market. In other words: Everything that can be automated must be automated.

Now is the time when antiquated processes need to be exchanged for modern processes.

While your competitors go back to the way things were, how will your team use the lessons of 2020 to move forward?





Read our guide: The Automation Imperative

The Automation Imperative” provides specific business cases on how sales order automation helps companies cut operational costs, process 200,000 orders per month, and reallocate hundreds of staff hours to valuable customer-service tasks.

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