Customer Story
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Swagelok Northern California eliminates 40+ hours of manual entry per week

Automation Outcomes

  • Process orders in minutes rather than hours with 100% accuracy

  • Eliminate unavoidable human error tied to manual entry

  • Reallocate hours spent on manual order entry to serving customers

  • Improve job satisfaction and team spirit

In a never-ending endeavor to improve customer service, Swagelok Northern California turned to Conexiom for sales order automation to further streamline its order entry process. In doing so, they eliminated over 40 hours of manual entry per week.

The Challenge

Swagelok Company is a major developer and provider of fluid system solutions, including products, assemblies, and services. Because Swagelok have a standard to maintain, throughout their manual entry process they double-check each line against what is entered into their ERP system. The attention to detail required to ensure Swagelok never miss a single line-item was so time consuming they thought about bringing on an additional hire.

The Solution

Swagelok found Conexiom through a simple Google search. The primary objective was to verify if Sales Order Automation could save time with the company’s highest volume customers.

What they say
“Being able to automate large purchase orders has allowed our CSR team to focus their attention on serving customers even better. What once took upwards of an hour can now be performed in minutes.”
Alex Kaczor, Customer Service Manager, Swagelok Northern California