Conexiom Case Studies

Johnstone Supply

Having just put a new ERP system in place, the corporate office reached out to Johnstone NW to determine if it was interested in beta-testing Conexiom, a purpose-built platform that automates the processing of critical and complex B2B transactions.

Codale Electric Supply

Codale Electric Supply required a solution that would streamline the order management process for their CSRs so they could continue to meet their customers’ high service expectations …

Werner Electric Supply

Werner Electric Supply boasts a wide inventory of more than 24,000 different SKUs and strives to go above and beyond to serve the needs of their customers in 13 locations and counting.


In search of a resolution, Genpak pursued many vendors that made automation claims, but none seemed to provide true automation. Then, the company discovered Conexiom and realized that other solutions could not provide the outcomes that Conexiom delivers.

Häfele America Co.

For Häfele America, finding an efficient solution that could deal with the increased number of emailed purchase orders became a priority. …

Van Meter

As order volume increased, Van Meter needed to implement a solution without unnecessarily adding staff. …

Standard Electric

With such a large customer base, Standard Electric devoted a considerable amount of time to processing customer orders via manual entry. Standard Electric discovered Conexiom and was instantly captivated. Reforming the customer ordering process and reducing the reliance on manual…


In a never-ending endeavor to improve customer service, Swagelok Northern California turned to Conexiom for sales order automation to further streamline its order entry process. In doing so, they eliminated over 40 hours of manual entry per week. …

Edwards Garment

With over 500 orders a day coming in via email and fax alone and even more coming in through its e-commerce website, Edwards’ CSRs were spending a considerable amount of time performing data entry. Edwards Garment turned to Conexiom for Sales Order Automation to simplify the…

Field Fastener

Needing a solution that would streamline the ordering process and help them to innovate so that they could continue to meet their customers’ high expectations, Field Fastener turned to Conexiom for substantial time savings, improved profitability, and the ability to reduce the…

Shuster Bearings

Like many innovative suppliers, Shuster recognized the need to harness the potential of an omni-channel distribution model to better serve their customers. After investing heavily in their online division, they’ve enjoyed rapid growth in online sales including sales through…


Driven by their commitment to peak operational efficiency and providing a top shelf customer experience, McNaughton-McKay was eager to embrace technology to process orders faster and more accurately, freeing up time to focus on customer service rather than processing paper. …

Kirby Risk Electrical Supply

Needing a solution that would enable them to be more efficient in the way they processed orders and boost customer loyalty and engagement, Kirby Risk Electrical Supply turned to Conexiom to process orders faster, eliminate manual order re-entry, and reduce the cost of processing…

National Marker Company

The benefits National Marker Company have realized with Conexiom include eliminating manual order entry, faster and more accurate order processing, and reduced costs all while boosting productivity by letting customer service team members focus on other tasks. Thanks to…

Revere Electric Supply

The benefits Revere Electric have realized from the Conexiom solution include accelerated order cycle time, the elimination of costly returns and rush orders, and 95% time savings spent entering orders. Conexiom was such a success that Revere doubled the number of customers…

Canyon Pipe and Supply

The benefits Canyon Pipe & Supply has gained from the Conexiom solution include increased volume of orders processed, accelerated order cycle time, the complete elimination of error-driven returns and improved customer satisfaction. …


As the most labor-intensive part of their business is retyping orders, Rexel turned to Conexiom, allowing their sales team to instead focus on providing great customer experiences.

Data Accuracy

Sales Effectiveness

Customer Service

Graybar Electric Company

With intensive, high-volume transactions, Graybar Electric Company implemented Conexiom to eliminate errors inherent in manual order entry while improving productivity.

customers added in 5 years

documents processed in 6 months

exposure and risk during tax audits


Compugen turned to Conexiom to automate their sales order process with 100% accurate touchless orders.

in ROI

Data Accuracy

Transactions Automated

Werner Electric

Werner Electric Supply chose Conexiom to help them in their relentless pursuit of delivering exceptional customer experience.

Hours per Year Freed for CSRs

Data Accurate Purchase Orders

Trading Partners Automated


Genpak chose Conexiom to provide customers an efficient and error-free ordering experience.

Time Saved per CSR

Data Accurate Purchase Orders


“I can’t imagine going back to what we did previously without Conexiom”

Andy K.

Small Business (50 or fewer employees)

“We’ve seen a marked improvement in both cycle time for order processing and order entry error rates.”

Alex R.

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing, 10,001+ employees

“Their continued development and growth in solutions supporting our business objectives firmly establishes Conexiom as a partner in our business.”

Craig M.

Logistics and Supply Chain, 501-1000 employees

“We use Conexiom to convert customer purchase orders into our ERP system, they did a very good job. Their technology is advanced.”

Yong C.

Mid-Market (51-1000 employees)

“It’s a win for everyone.”

Ben C.

eCommerce. Logistics and Supply Chain, 51-200 employees

“Flexibility, 100% accuracy, ability to build in business rules allowing touchless order processing, intuitive and user-friendly interface.”

Daniel P.

Enterprise (> 1000 employees)

“We have started an AP automation program with Conexiom and are working with them as an early adopter of a new part of the product, I have found them easy to work with, responsive to our needs and able to work with us to make sure we are able to fulfil our business need fully”

Jenny S.

Wholesale, 1001-5000 employees

“There is nothing difficult about using Conexiom.”

Dianna P.

Enterprise (> 1000 employees)

“We were able to reduce the number of sales orders that had to be manually entered by half. We saw a full ROI in under a year.”

John H.

Business Supplies and Equipment, 51-200 employees