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After EDI: What Can Electrical Distributors & Manufacturers Automate Next?

EDI_LP_EBOOK45% of B2B customers still prefer placing orders through email

New research from Digital Commerce 360 found that distributors will receive $3.8 trillion of B2B transactions through digital channels like EDI and Ecommerce in 2022. But that's still only 48% of the total sales projected for the year. The rest of those transactions will happen over familiar channels like email, through which 45% of B2B customers still prefer placing orders. Despite 100% reporting they’d invested in digital transformation and automation for front and back-office processes, 75% of leaders at electrical manufacturers and distributors reported that more than half of their company processes documents like POs, RFQs, and SPAs manually. Optimizing your manufacturing or distribution business gives you a competitive advantage in an exceptionally competitive market, and strategically, this means looking for the ‘big wins’ with broad impact. Download this ebook to learn how scaling your EDI investment with intelligent document processing can accelerate order processing while helping you deliver a winning customer experience.