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How Top Electrical Distributors Deliver a Winning Customer Experience

Top Electrical Distributors - EbookWhat 80% of the Top Electrical Distributors Have Achieved with Automation

16 of the top 20 electrical distributors in North America have chosen Conexiom because it is the only platform that supports their automation goals to eliminate manual data entry from document processing so their electrical experts can focus on delivering a competitive customer experience. Every business is unique, but most – from global enterprises to local businesses – can benefit from automating repetitive tasks. In that spirit, we’ve selected results from a diverse set of customers that demonstrate how these distributors have been able to reduce order errors, increase employee bandwidth, and reduce the need for more headcount during a prolonged labor shortage. Download this ebook to learn how leading distributors like Werner and Rexel deliver a winning customer experience with speed, (100%) accuracy, and efficiency.