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The Value of Sales Order Automation in a Digital-First World

Automating your sales order management process is imperative to maximize revenue, create cost savings, and delight customers.

Designing Order Management Automation to Differentiate the Customer Experience

Manufacturers and distributors are seeing sales order automation as a way to enhance the customer experience while reducing errors and costs.

Genpak Unlocks 75 Hours of Human Capital per Week with Conexiom

Genpak partnered with Conexiom to transform its digital orders into touchless outcomes with 100% data accuracy.

6 Misconceptions About Sales Order Automation

There are several misconceptions about sales order automation, but here’s why they’re wrong.

How Your Competitors Are Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Your competitors recovered 30% more capacity without adding additional resources.

Increasing eBusiness with Sales Order Automation

EDI and eCommerce may not be the best eBusiness solution. Conexiom offers an easier way.

If the Economic Downturn Is Here, How Will You Take Market Share?

Implement these 3 strategies now to not only survive an economic downturn, but potentially increase your market share.

Touchless Automation as a Competitive Edge

The unpredictability of 2020 has brought into acute focus the need to replace manual processes with automation.

Don’t Wait to Automate

Implement these 3 automation strategies to transform into a modern business that is agile, resilient, and customer obsessed.

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