Why Invoice Automation?

  1. Speed up invoice processing
  2. Eliminate costly manual entry errors
  3. Reduce invoice processing costs by 80%
  4. Maximize early payment incentives and prevent duplicate payments
  5. Enable better visibility and cash flow control

Do you receive hundreds or thousands of emailed and faxed invoices from suppliers each month that have to be manually keyed into your financial system? Pretty inefficient, costly, and error-prone isn’t it?


Invoice Automation will eliminate the need for AP staff to physically enter, review, code, and validate supplier invoices. With automation, you’ll quickly process emailed and faxed supplier invoices with total precision, avoiding clerical errors, delays, and lost invoices.

Download our eBook and discover the Top 5 Reasons Your Bottom Line Needs AP Invoice Automation and learn how to reduce invoice processing costs by 80%.



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