10 Ways Sales Order Automation Solves the Trillion-Dollar Problem of Manual Order Processing

Deliver successful outcomes for both your business and customers through sales order automation.

With today’s goals of working smarter, not harder, and doing more with less, manufacturers and distributors are looking toward automation solutions to achieve desired business outcomes. And sales order automation software is an easy place to start. In fact, many automation solutions claim to solve the trillion-dollar problem of manually processing sales orders and invoices. However, not all technologies are created equal.

49.3% of total B2B sales, or $7.37 trillion, are still conducted manually, such as by account managers and sales reps.

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To gain a competitive edge in your industry, you cannot rely on automation technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), optical character recognition (OCR), or workflow tools. These technologies often still require human intervention to verify order accuracy. That’s because the data may not be 100% accurate. Not only does this fail to relieve CSRs of busywork, but it also creates technical debt.

If you’re serious about using automation to eliminate the manual processing of orders and invoices with 100% data accurate, touchless automation, Conexiom offers manufacturers and distributors a fully automated solution that delivers maximum value. It is a purpose-built technology that uses business logic and proprietary algorithms to transform digital documents into touchless outcomes.

Conexiom is the only vendor that offers True Automation: complex data transformation and touchless document processing with 100% data accuracy.

By implementing Conexiom Sales Order Automation, you:

  1. Grow revenue by generating financial advantages and increased ROI. 
  2. Reduce operational/accounting costs by eliminating processing errors.
  3. Improve the customer experience by freeing CSRs to focus on value-added activities.
  4. Accelerate digital transformation by creating modern, resilient processes that scale with your business.
  5. Transform any sales order or invoice with 100% data accuracy and touchless order processing.
  6. Eliminate manual order entry to save thousands of hours per year on mundane tasks with order entry software.
  7. Gain a competitive advantage by achieving faster shipping and response times.
  8. Increase data visibility for order tracking and insight into sales teams’ performance.
  9. Maintain a positive cash flow by speeding up purchase order processing.
  10. Increase efficiency by processing orders from anywhere with a cloud-based platform.

“Thanks to Conexiom, we’ve become much more efficient. We’ve moved beyond handling orders to actually helping our customers with their needs. The ability to engage with our customers, listen, and learn has made a big impact on customer loyalty.”

Jim Swisher, Shared Services Manager
Kirby Risk Electrical Supply

If you’re ready to say goodbye to manual sales order and AP invoice processing, get started with Conexiom Sales Order Automation. It’s an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution that delivers ROI in as little as 30 days.

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