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How Genpak’s Customer Service Team Repurposed 75 Hours of Their Week with Automation

Each month, we’ll highlight a customer using the Conexiom Platform to achieve their automation goals. While we’re admittedly proud to hear how customers have replaced time-consuming but necessary manual processes with Conexiom, we also share these stories to help similar companies envision a better way to process trade documents using touchless automation.

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Customer of the Month: Genpak

This month we’re featuring Genpak, a leading provider of packaging and containers to the food service industry. With their 19 facilities in the United States and Canada, Genpak’s mission is to “make people’s lives better through the food packaging they use.”

During a period of rapid growth in 2019, Genpak’s Customer Service team realized they couldn’t keep up with demand or deliver an enhanced customer experience if they didn’t change their approach to processing sales orders. Despite spending roughly 75 hours every week keying in orders, Genpak’s 13 customer service representatives (CSRs) found themselves in a constant “push and pull” between order entry and customer engagement.

CSRs were constantly struggling with the push and pull of rushing to key in a new order, and then dealing with customer inquiries about existing ones.

– Darlene Bardin, Director of Customer Service

Watch the full conversation with Darlene here.

At the time, more than a third of Genpak’s sales orders were placed through email and required a CSR to manually rekey the data into their ERP system. When the leadership team evaluated the time spent on manually processing emailed orders, the additional time spent checking rekeyed entries for accuracy, and the cost of shipping incorrect orders because of data errors, they spotted an opportunity for automation.

Using the Conexiom Platform, Genpak was able to achieve a touchless process for entering sales orders. This enabled CSRs to use the hours they would’ve spent rekeying line items to deepen their product knowledge and develop relationships with customers. Instead of struggling to prioritize orders, they now focus on helping customers with issues only a human could solve.

[Conexiom] understands what they need to do to help us get to where we want to be. It’s been a tremendous experience. I recommend Conexiom to every manufacturer or distributor out there.

– Darlene Bardin

Read the rest of Genpak’s story here, including how they realized unexpected benefits for supply chain planners.

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