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Large, Global Corporations Streamlining Automation Efforts Turned to Conexiom in Early 2022

Kuraray America Inc., Along with a Fortune 500 Global Manufacturer, and a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Packaging Manufacturer and Service Provider Helped Lead Conexiom to Enterprise ARR Growth in Q2 2022

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — July 26, 2022 — Conexiom, the only intelligent document automation platform that leverages proprietary Touchless Automation technology to ensure data is extracted with 100% accuracy, today announced three new major enterprise customers. All three customers chose Conexiom to accelerate their digital transformation journey. For B2B businesses the ability to scale their finance and sales organizations while increasing customer satisfaction is critical. However, most organizations rely on manual data entry and incomplete document processing solutions that fail to meet the needs of the business and its customers. Conexiom removes the reliance on manual data entry across all manual transactions including AP Invoicing, Sales Orders and Order Acknowledgements. A recent survey revealed that over the next two years, 64% of business professionals at enterprise organizations plan to build automations that focus on improving the employee experience, and 57% business professionals at enterprise organizations plan to build automations that focus on improving the customer experience. Businesses need to act fast to stay competitive, which explains why IDC forecasts companies will invest over $10 trillion in digital transformation initiatives by 2025. Chemical manufacturer, Kuraray America, Inc., needed to find a solution to help them better serve their clients as the optical character recognition (OCR) templating tool they previously used could not scale with their business. “We have established several objectives as part of our global digital transformation effort at Kuraray. A key one is to make it easier for our customers to do business with us. As a first step, we looked to automate our order entry process,” said John Siepelinga, Global Digital Transformation Leader at Kuraray America, Inc. “Many businesses, within the company, were implementing one-off solutions, so a team was formed to select one solution that would be the standard for the company.” Conexiom will support Kuraray’s automation of their sales order processing, which is a critical global initiative. While the selection process was extremely competitive, Kuraray chose Conexiom for its demonstrable ease of use, ability to integrate with their existing (and future) SAP ERP systems, and its unparalleled accuracy and functionality that enables Kuraray to achieve the desired improvements in their order handling process. They also needed a partner with experience in their sector, who has successfully supported global rollouts of new technology with a low-impact implementation process that won’t disrupt key resources. “We will be implementing the solution across our company in several phases and look forward to gaining back time for reinvesting in customer relationships,” added Siepelinga. Though companies spend billions per year on digital transformation initiatives, nearly half of B2B transactions still involve emailed documents between parties and manual data entry. Manual data entry is time consuming and error prone. It also requires people – and with the labor shortage and recession looming, businesses either can’t hire or can’t afford the people to do this essential task. This was no exception for the large global leader of high-performance paints and coatings who turned to Conexiom to reduce the manual effort associated with processing orders and invoices. This well-known commercial and consumer brand sought to replace an existing order management process built on robotic process automation (RPA) software and OCR. While RPA and OCR can successfully automate some processes, the team found their existing hybrid system could not manage the complexity and variability of purchase orders. To meet their business goals, they told Conexiom they wanted “full automation - not partial automation.” Once the team determined OCR and RPA could not produce the business outcomes for an adequate ROI, Conexiom was selected as the vendor of choice. “We’re seeing an increase in large, enterprise companies looking for efficiencies to increase profitability and that starts with implementing scalable and touchless automation processes as the foundation of their digital transformation,” said Ray Grady, CEO and President at Conexiom. “Conexiom is a true customer-first organization as we’re always trying to find ways to help our customers achieve transformative outcomes that improve their bottom line, and it starts with automation that delivers 100% accuracy.” A global packaging manufacturer and service provider, who generated $5.5 billion in sales last year, found Conexiom while investigating ways to drive digital orders beyond what eCommerce and EDI can accomplish alone. Conexiom delivered an analysis of existing processes that revealed an automation opportunity with significant ROI. They have already seen immediate growth and ROI by implementing Conexiom after using traditional EDI technology. “Heightened customer expectations have created a mandate for operational excellence. To stay competitive, you must create meaningful relationships and seamless experiences for customers and suppliers. We don’t win unless our customers win, and we don’t take that lightly. We know that what our customers are trying to achieve are mission-critical processes, and we are here for them every step of the way,” added Grady. About Conexiom Conexiom is the only platform that leverages proprietary Touchless Automation technology to ensure that it delivers automation with 100% accuracy, transformed with predetermined business rules and logic, and delivered directly to any ERP. Conexiom streamlines the processing of emailed purchase orders, AP invoices, and order acknowledge. Manufacturers and distributors across the globe, such as Genpak, Rexel Canada, and Werner Electric, trust Conexiom to create resilient operations that scale, drive growth, reduce costs, and build frictionless relationships with their customers and suppliers. Conexiom is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has offices in Kitchener, Ontario; London, England; Munich, Germany; and Chicago, Illinois.

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