A Closer Look at Calculating the ROI on Sales Order Automation

Sales order automation can make you faster, more accurate and richer in as little as 30 days. But to make a compelling business case, you need to define ROI.

We’ve developed a culture of innovation. We’re obsessed with effecting change. Finding new ways to become more efficient is a universal goal. It’s also vital to achieving a competitive advantage. It’s a race to outperform the competition, to stay relevant and to become more efficient.

So we are constantly scanning the horizon for new technologies that will help us fulfill this mandate. We look for solutions that will help us secure a brighter future. Success is measured by some combination of faster, cheaper or better. But before we introduce any change, we must first understand the ROI we can expect and when it will become apparent.

ROI equations can be complex. Understanding how to crunch the numbers to determine realistic ROI can be easier said than done. When considering sales order automation, it’s no exception. Companies considering the switch are trying to figure out exactly how much eliminating manual order processing will impact their business.

At Conexiom, we are asked this very question all the time. “How can I determine if sales order automation is the right move for us?” So we’ve developed a reliable approach to help companies determine if sales order automation software is a good fit. By understanding the unique attributes of your business, we can facilitate a simple value equation.

A good place to start is with your transaction history. Do you know how many sales orders your company processed last year? As a rule of thumb, a typical order costs between $30-$60 to process. Most companies find these numbers hard to believe so our approach is to help your company determine your internal cost with our simple to use methodology.

Once you’ve got a handle on the figures, it’s possible to determine your average cost per order. Then it’s easy to calculate cost savings. Typically our customers report transactional costs reducing by 80% while also being up to 95% faster than manual entry through Conexiom’s automated order entry solution.

Sometimes it can be difficult to extract all of the relevant information to make your own ROI calculations. But accepting the average ROI as a realistic outcome for your business can feel too risky. We understand. And we’re happy to help. We’ve helped thousands of companies determine if sales order automation is the right move for their business and we’d be happy to help you too.

If you’re interested in a free, no obligation Personalized ROI and Fit Assessment to understand the advantages of sales order automation, give us a call at: 1.866.447.9608.