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5 Imperatives for Closing the Digital Automation Gap

Join us during this session to hear why automation in this area has been an elusive goal—until now—and hear from experts who know how to tackle this problem.

Closing the Digital Automation Gap with Indian River Consulting Group

Mike Marks from Indian River Consulting Group and Mark Toffoli from Conexiom hosted a Lunch & Learn where they shared stories of distributors that got digital transformation right… and those who got stuck in digital purgatory.

Johnstone Supply Northwest Case Study

With the Conexiom Platform, Johnstone Supply Northwest can focus on providing excellent customer service, including more involved support with product- or installation-related questions, next-day delivery, and faster response times.

The Top 5 Reasons to Automate AP Invoice Processing

When AP invoice processing is automated, this modernization rapidly creates positive effects. Here are the top five reasons to introduce touchless automation to your AP department.

From Manual to Touchless: Transform Your Business Results with Sales Order Automation

Wholesale distributors and manufacturers can leverage automation to transform from a manual approach to order processing to touchless transactions that elevate the customer experience.

Create More Revenue-Generating Hours for Your Customer Service Team

Learn how to build business by freeing up your team to grow revenue, cross-sell, and provide a deeper level of service, all without changing headcount.

Make Every Sales Order a Digital Order in Salesforce

The Conexiom for Salesforce app allows you to maximize CRM investment while achieving a significant percentage of touchless digital orders.

Distribution Industry Insight: Transforming Customer Service with Document Automation

In a recent survey conducted by Conexiom, distribution industry leaders shared their insights on the power of document automation — and its transformative impact on the customer experience.

Virtual Fireside Chat with Field Fastener

Field Fastener’s Director of Information Technology Chad Olson discusses how the company achieved 99.96% accuracy and 99.8% on-time delivery, and what he did to deliver these results via Conexiom and the company’s ERP system, Epicor® Prophet 21®.

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