Canyon Pipe & Supply Gains Capability to Process More Than 70,000 Order Lines per Month

Canyon Pipe & Supply used Conexiom Sales Order Automation to reduce the time for order processing and overall order cycle.


The Automation Imperative

Modern businesses prioritize sales order automation to create revenue opportunities, cut costs, and do more with less.


Codale Electric Supply Drives eCommerce Adoption with Sales Order Automation

Codale Electric Supply modernized its order process and raised the value of its CSRs with Conexiom Sales Order Automation.


Business Continuity in Tough Times

Digital automation is the key to how manufacturers and distributors can safeguard core business objectives.


Automation Outcomes

Businesses across the globe trust Conexiom to provide 100% data accurate, touchless outcomes.


Royal Brass & Hose Automates Manual AP and Order Processing

Royal Brass & Hose implemented Conexiom AP Invoice Automation and Sales Order Automation to decrease manual labor.


The Value of Sales Order Automation in a Digital-First World

Automating your sales order management process is imperative to maximize revenue, create cost savings, and delight customers.


Field Fastener Improves Profitability with True Automation

Field Fastener implemented Conexiom’s True Automation to process complex multi-line orders in minutes with 100% accuracy.


Designing Order Management Automation to Differentiate the Customer Experience

Manufacturers and distributors are seeing sales order automation as a way to enhance the customer experience while reducing errors and costs.

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