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Distribution Industry Insight: Making Time for Customer Service Is Key to Success

A recent survey reveals why improving customer service should be a high priority—and why time is a precious resource for distribution customer service teams.

6 Stellar Business Outcomes You Achieve When You Automate Order Processing

Global manufacturers and distributors have achieved some stellar results by implementing Sales Order Automation. These are the top six.

The Automation Imperative for Manufacturers & Distributors

This whitepaper delves into the efficiencies delivered by automated processes and how leading manufacturers and distributors have successfully transformed their Sales Order and Invoice Processing operations.

Make Every Sales Order a Digital Order

Sales Order Automation is the fastest path to achieving more digital orders without asking customers to change their buying behavior.

Rapid Automation for Business Resilience

COVID-19 made automation imperative for leaders looking to ensure business resilience.

Starting the Business Case for Sales Order Automation

Automation removes the inaccuracies, delays, and costs associated with manually processing sales orders.

The Automation Awakening

Four predictions that will redefine manufacturing and distribution in 2021.

Industry Leader Frees CSRs from Manual Order Entry, Better Manages COVID-19 Demand Spike

A global enterprise with over $2.5 billion in annual revenue uses Conexiom to free its CSRs for more revenue-driving activities.

Werner Electric Supply Re-Invests Resources to Improve Customer Experience

With Conexiom Sales Order Automation, Werner Electric Supply freed up its CSRs to concentrate on value-add tasks.

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