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Werner Electric Ventures Transforms the Inside Sales Team

Werner Electric implemented Conexiom Sales Order Automation to relieve the Inside Sales team of manual order processing.

Standard Electric Accelerates Order-Processing Speeds by 88% with 100% Accuracy

Swagelok Northern California Eliminates 40+ Hours of Manual Entry per Week

Swagelok Northern California turned to Conexiom to streamline its order entry process and improve customer service.

Shuster Corporation Accelerates eCommerce Order Processing by 50%

With Conexiom’s 100% data accuracy, Shuster streamlined third-party eCommerce and reduced manual intervention.

Revere Electric Supply Co. Focuses on Customer Service, not Order Entry

Revere Electric implemented Conexiom Sales Order Automation to streamline order processing to better serve its customers.

National Marker Company Reduces Cost of Processing Orders

National Marker Company turned to Conexiom to automate the ordering process and eliminate manual entry bottlenecks.

How 3 Companies Use Digital Tools to Automate the Process

Three global companies offer examples of how digital technology has transformed the order-management process and enhanced performance.

McNaughton-McKay Electric Company Uses Conexiom to Strengthen Customer Relationships

McNaughton-McKay turned to Conexiom to modernize its business while seamlessly processing orders with 100% data accuracy.

Kirby Risk Corporation Elevates Its Customer Experience by Transforming Operations

Kirby Risk Corporation implemented Conexiom to efficiently serve customers while maintaining operational costs.

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