News Release

Conexiom Partners with Microsoft to Amplify Automation for Complex Business Documents

Microsoft customers may now purchase Conexiom through the Azure Marketplace

For nearly two decades, Conexiom has been trusted by manufacturers and distributors to relieve their teams of manually processing emailed documents like purchase orders, AP invoices, and even vendor order acknowledgments with its proprietary touchless automation technology. The result is nearly instant data extraction with 100% accuracy, all without a human in the loop – giving your employees time back to focus on what matters the most: your customers. Conexiom recently conducted a study that examines the manufacturing and distribution industries and found that nearly 17% of IT leaders said that automation allows them to work faster. Despite this, nearly 50% reported their company has an entire team dedicated to manual document processing.

Today, we’re excited to announce that our certified app is now available for Azure customers to deploy seamlessly while simplifying billing and procurement. On Azure, Conexiom will enable your business to:

1. Achieve Customer Excellence

Your customers expect to receive their orders on time and in full, particularly when the electrical distribution competition is fierce. By automating order and invoice processing with Conexiom, you can ensure that every customer feels confident in your ability to get all of their orders fulfilled fast, on time, and with 100% accuracy.

2. Be Transactionally Smart

The competition isn’t going away anytime soon. To compete effectively, you must be transactionally excellent. The faster you can process your orders and deliver data directly into your ERP, the faster your business gets paid. By automating your order processing, you will be transactionally excellent and drive more revenue for your business, decrease costs, and always deliver orders on time and in full.

3. Increase Operational Efficiency

Having your employees handle manual order entry not only wastes thousands of hours, but it also wastes money. Instead of allocating headcount to focus on customer excellence and winning market share, your employees spend countless hours entering data manually into your technology database. By automating your emailed invoices, and purchase orders, you will provide a better quality of service to your customers and allow your team to focus on the important things to help grow the business.

Document processing is a critical component of many jobs in manufacturing and distribution. Whether you’re in sales, customer service, IT, or supply chain management, you have to parse critical data from hundreds, if not thousands, of documents every year. While some tools exist that help with that process – mainly OCR and RPA – most can’t remove the need for manual intervention altogether. Repetitive tasks like manual data entry are the type of work that would cause the incoming workforce – Gen Z employees – to seek other career paths, mainly because touchless automation is now a possible reality for manufacturers and distributors.

IT decision-makers in the manufacturing and distribution industries are feeling the pains of the labor climate, according to our most recent report. When asked what pain points related to hiring their company currently has or anticipates having in the next 12 months, 26% of IT professionals said the ability to fill customer orders or stock products and raw materials, and 25% said the ability to provide prompt and accurate customer service.

Automation and digital transformation remain key factors in offsetting both labor shortages and the major economic impacts we’re hearing about every day. According to Gartner, automation and the software that enables it are essential deflationary tools. The third most common set of actions for a CEO to address inflation is increasing automation, productivity, and efficiency. Beyond the present moment, though, automation ensures companies can meet future volatility or capitalize on times of economic stability.

This is why we’re thrilled to be a Microsoft Azure Marketplace partner. For Microsoft customers that want to buy Conexiom through the Azure Marketplace, they will be able to do so seamlessly, and as a result, begin starting to see immediate ROI. Conexiom also integrates with major ERPs that run on Microsoft Azure, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, SAP ECC, SAP S/4HANA, and Epicor.

To learn more, visit Conexiom’s listing on Microsoft’s AppSource.