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Rexel Canada Uses Conexiom’s Sales Order Automation to Let Their Inside Sales Team Focus on Customer Experience

Each month, we’ll highlight a customer using Conexiom to reduce order errors, deepen customer relationships, and reinvest employees away from repetitive, error-prone tasks like manual order entry. While we’re admittedly proud to hear how our customers have successfully transformed their businesses with Conexiom, we also share these stories so that companies stuck in a manual mindset can envision a better way to process orders using sales order automation software.

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Customer of the Month: Rexel Canada

This month we’re featuring one of Canada’s market leaders in electrical distribution. Operating coast-to-coast with over 200 locations, Rexel Canada Electrical Inc. supplies electrical products and services to customers in the commercial, industrial, maintenance and residential sectors.

Rexel believes that the relationships and expertise they offer to customers are what differentiates them from competitors. Unfortunately, the Inside Sales teams struggled to provide a differentiated level of service because they were so busy manually entering order information.

Following an initiative to find opportunities for process improvement, Rexel analyzed the lifecycle of their various order types. They found that 70% of sales orders were manually entered. Rexel looked for a digital solution to decrease the amount of time spent on manual entry and increase productivity with the goal of giving a significant amount of time back to the Inside Sales team to build relationships and deliver expertise.

Though Rexel Canada’s customers may not be aware that their orders are processed through Conexiom, as they continue to send in their sales orders as they always have, it has made a huge difference for Rexel Canada’s team. Since implementing Conexiom, Rexel has:

  • Automated sales orders for 600 customers
  • Saved the Inside Sales team thousands of hours to reinvest in improving the customer experience
  • Eliminated the entry errors and duplicate work that’s unavoidable with manual order entry

These results are why Rexel’s CEO, Roger Little, says, “Conexiom is truly a differentiator between us and our competitors.”

Read the rest of Rexel’s story here.

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