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ecmarket Launches Conexiom Sales Order Analytics

Sales Order Analytics helps new and existing Conexiom Sales Order Automation users identify the most suitable customers to commence automated purchase order processing.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – June 29, 2017 – ecmarket, creator of Conexiom Sales Order and Invoice Automation, announced today their newest solution, Sales Order Analytics. This solution helps new and existing Conexiom Sales Order Automation users identify the most suitable customers to commence automated purchase order processing. Conexiom Sales Order Automation converts incoming emailed and faxed purchase orders into automated sales orders into a company’s ERP system with 100% accuracy. “We’re committed to continuously innovate and optimize supply chain processes for manufacturers and distributors, allowing them to focus resources on value generation,” says Brent Halverson, President & CEO of ecmarket, creator of Conexiom. “Our Sales Order Analytics platform eliminates hours of manual labor sifting through emails to determine which customer orders are most appropriate for automation.” For current users and those planning to implement Conexiom Sales Order Automation software, finding the best customers for automating the manual entry of purchase orders can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Conexiom Sales Order Analytics greatly simplifies the process of identifying a list of the user’s customers most suited for immediate onboarding by scanning thousands of emails without manual examination. It then identifies PO attachments and assigns them into groups using a proprietary data assessment engine. Manual examination of approximately 40GB of emails could take over a month. Conexiom Sales Order Analytics also delivers insight into which customers take the most effort for customer service reps to process. According to a recent study by The Hackett Group, customer segmentation will help companies understand how their customers process transactions. Conducting a formal assessment of customer preferences will reveal attitudes and preferences that can be used to inform technology choices. This method is offered as part of Conexiom's Sales Order Analytics’ three-step integration process:

  1. Batch Order – A group of incoming purchase order emails are gathered as a representative sample of the formats and styles of orders an organization receives with Conexiom's order management solution.

  2. Data Assessment - Conexiom’s data assessment engine evaluates the emails, filters out purchase order attachments, and groups them based on similar field commonalities.

  3. Criteria to Map - Using the groupings as a guide, Sales Order Analytics provides a list of customers that take the most effort to process and identifies those that are most appropriate for immediate onboarding with Conexiom Sales Order Automation.

Click here for more information on Conexiom Sales Order Analytics.

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