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Type Less, Automate More: Discover What’s New in the Conexiom Platform

Half of all sales order and invoice transactions at manufacturers and distributors are still manually typed in every day. Converting those time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry tasks into digital transactions improves profitability, on-time and in-full order fill rates, and employee satisfaction. Conexiom makes it easier than ever to digitize these supply chain transactions with your customers and suppliers. And best of all, it doesn’t require any data or systems changes on their part.


Most businesses have ‘hit a wall’ with digital order and payments adoption. Using Conexiom, manufacturers and distributors can achieve similar benefits as electronic data exchange (EDI) and business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce but with a ‘no code’ approach for their partners.


The Conexiom Platform is purpose-built to maximize automation and alleviate the cost, distraction, errors, lags, and resource drain of manual document entry and processing. Clients typically achieve 80% or greater automation rates.


Conexiom is different than generic technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) or optical character recognition (OCR) because it extracts data in clear text with perfect accuracy. It then validates and transforms the sales order or invoice data with process-specific business logic. Finally, Conexiom delivers the transaction data seamlessly to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Latest Platform Enhancements

Conexiom is thrilled to share its latest enhancements to the platform. These updates simultaneously reduce costs while increasing sales order and payment accuracy by automatically processing emailed purchase orders, invoices, order acknowledgements, and advanced shipping notices that arrive in common formats like PDF, Word, and Excel.


It is now easier than ever to automate and check high volume emailed transactions with streamlined navigation, reporting, and unprocessed document queue management.


Recent exception management improvements give your team more hours in the day by automatically validating and transforming sales order and invoice data, so your team only needs to focus on the outliers that require review.


Greater Ease of Use

Gaining valuable insights into your customers and their transactions is now easier than ever in the Conexiom Platform. Recent enhancements include updates to navigation and business intelligence (BI) dashboards to make using them more intuitive, including:

  • A customizable dashboard — choose what to display and the level of detail for each to better see what’s happening within your processes. Options include processing speed, documents processed per day or hour, total lines, customer status, top and inactive customers.
  • The Customer Tab now provides richer insights and acts as a central clearing house for managing your trading partner’s information. From it, you can survey all your trading partners or launch an individual Customer Details page.
  • Custom filters you can save for easy reuse.
  • Audit logs now provide easier tracking including emailed alerts and correspondence with Conexiom.
  • Global edits can be applied with fewer clicks.


Standardized Exception Handling

Manufacturers and distributors with frequent discrepancies between what their customers submit and how that data is configured in their ERP will benefit from automated validations, lookups, and exception management in the Conexiom Platform. Standard validations and transformations include:

  • Bill To and Ship To address validation via address tables maintained within the Conexiom Platform.
  • Part number A to B swap via cross reference tables to reconcile when part numbers used by clients differ from master or updated part numbers.
  • Unit price conversion via cross-reference tables determines the correct unit price for each customer and transaction by comparing what is on the document vs. the agreed pricing and discounts.
  • Minimum order quantity rule validation via cross reference tables.
  • Unit of Measure (UOM) cross-referenced by part number to verify and correct UOM misalignment or swap A to B if UOM values have changed.
  • Shipment method validation against what is specified in the ERP system.
  • Contact ID and / or Buyer ID matching via cross reference tables to assure alignment between client names and their ID numbers.

Streamlined Document Processing

Occasionally, a mistaken document type or corrupted file is sent to Conexiom for processing and is placed in an error queue. For all these documents with a “Not Processed” tag, a new Documents Page makes it faster than ever to identify and fix issues with these documents:

  • Improves visibility into document status across all trading partners in one central location to avoid having to find ‘Not-Processed’ documents one trading partner at a time.
  • Transparent document status tracking to easily see action status (requires action, has been actioned, or can be archived) instead of having to figure this out via individual email alerts.
  • Alleviates need to toggle between multiple applications (inboxes, the Conexiom Portal, ERP systems) with all key information displayed in one place (document details, action status, trading partner, document number, reason not processed, and revised on and processed on dates).

Enjoy a Summer of Automation,
Not Data Entry

Automation. Cost savings. Higher order fill rates. And best of all — never having to dread a week or two of extra data entry when your colleagues take their vacations this summer. What’s not to love?

Conexiom clients typically achieve 80% touchless automation rates, or greater, substantially alleviating the cost, distraction, errors, lags, and resource drain of manual processes.

To get started today, please contact us or schedule a demo.

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