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How 3 Companies Use Digital Tools to Automate the Process

Three global companies offer examples of how digital technology has transformed the order-management process and enhanced performance.

McNaughton-McKay Electric Company Uses Conexiom to Strengthen Customer Relationships

McNaughton-McKay turned to Conexiom to modernize its business while seamlessly processing orders with 100% data accuracy.

Kirby Risk Corporation Elevates Its Customer Experience by Transforming Operations

Kirby Risk Corporation implemented Conexiom to efficiently serve customers while maintaining operational costs.

Häfele America Co. Reinvents Customer Experience with Sales Order Automation

Häfele America Co. prioritized its customer consultations and eliminated manual data entry with Conexiom’s True Automation.

Edwards Garment Automates Sales Orders Without Buyers Changing the Way They Shop

After implementing EDI and researching OCR, Edwards Garment discovered the benefits of Conexiom’s True Automation.

Canyon Pipe & Supply Gains Capability to Process More Than 70,000 Order Lines per Month

Canyon Pipe & Supply used Conexiom Sales Order Automation to reduce the time for order processing and overall order cycle.

The Automation Imperative

Modern businesses prioritize sales order automation to create revenue opportunities, cut costs, and do more with less.

Codale Electric Supply Drives eCommerce Adoption with Sales Order Automation

Codale Electric Supply modernized its order process and raised the value of its CSRs with Conexiom Sales Order Automation.

Business Continuity in Tough Times

Automation is the key to how manufacturers and distributors can safeguard core business objectives in disrupted times.

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